Lop-sided Labour
is not listening

Its time to level-up:

Vote for a change in the local elections on 5th May

See our List of the best candidates we suggest voting for to get a change in Oxford City Council

Labour has been in power in Oxford for over 40 years, but they have failed to tackle inequality:

  • Oxford is the 2nd most unequal city in the UK after Cambridge

  • The waiting list for social housing is over 2000 and has not changed for decades

  • Labour's policies have hardly helped the 1/3 of children living in poverty in Oxford

  • Their 'development' plans will push up house prices further by creating over 25 000 new jobs that Oxford with 99% employment does not need and increase Oxford's population by 30%

Over development

Oxford's Labour-run City Council is destroying nature's ecosystems and worsening Oxford's problems, including:

  • soaring house prices from increased demand by creating thousands of new jobs we don't need

  • concreting over our green spaces, extending into the green belt and beyond

  • overwhelming schools, GPs & hospitals, sewers

  • more river and air pollution

  • more traffic and sewage

  • increase the flooding risk

Local Labour are not listening to the views of local residents who want to defend their city and prevent climate catastrophe.

The results of consultations and Citizen's Assemblies are being ignored.

Send a message to Local Labour that this is undemocratic and not true to their values

Vote for a change on Thursday 5th May 2022

Vote for a candidate who:

  • Listens to local people on strategic issues

  • Looks after the environment

  • Puts people and planet before profit and business as usual

See our List of the best candidates we suggest voting for

To find out how to register to vote or to get a postal vote click here