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The 2036 Local Plan, passed by Oxford City Council in June 2020, allocates land for businesses and housing for GROWTH far beyond the needs of Oxford’s residents and visitors. This threatens our green spaces, the lungs of the city, on which people and nature depend, worsens flooding risk, pollution and our carbon footprint.

The Local Plan is no longer fit for purpose with the climate and ecological emergencies and changes post COVID. This destructive plan for the land and fabric of our city should be urgently reviewed before it is too late.

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Empty Car Park by Kassam Stadium

Disused overflow car park by Kassam Stadium which should be regenerated for affordable housing

Oxford’s City Council is:

Pitting the need for affordable homes against the need for green spaces

There is room for both. All over the city, meadows and woodland, sports pitches and playgrounds are being sacrificed for housing. This is regardless of the needs of local people or the role of these spaces for nature, flood protection, biodiversity and wildlife corridors. This is an unnecessary and catastrophic sacrifice, as there is plenty of room in Oxford for the truly affordable housing residents need.

Driving up demand by making Oxford a ‘Fast Growth City’

Oxford is an ideal size for a sense of wellbeing and identity. However, the Oxfordshire Growth Board is driving unsustainable increases in business and population for Oxford, in line with Swindon, Milton Keynes and Cambridge. Further development on this scale brings social, infrastructure and ecological problems and is unsustainable.

Holding back 430 acres of land reserved exclusively for business

There are high vacancy rates in Oxford’s business parks (Cowley and Botley Roads, Oxford Business Park, Unipart and Mini plant). These sites would be ideal for regeneration for affordable homes and new green spaces. But the Council and University what to use this space for new business and spin out companies when Oxford already has 99% full employment. Creating many more jobs drives up demand for housing and increases house prices even further. Last year Oxford's house prices rose by 12%.

Oxford can build affordable houses AND keep its precious green spaces!

The ancient meadows, the Horse Fields in Iffley Village, are is under threat from plans for 30 houses
Over 59 000 people have signed a petition to stop this insane plan.

Instead these meadows would make a wonderful community resource for education and wellbeing and boost the natural world on which we all depend


We need our green spaces: for our mental health, for exercise, for nature, and to protect us from climate change.

Meadows and hedgerows, playgrounds and sports pitches are being concreted over.

We are on Code Red for humanity and there is no time for delay.

Oxford City Council CAN provide the truly affordable homes residents need on an increasing supply of already used land and buildings post COVID, without destroying the green lungs of our city.

We call on Oxford City Council to:

  • Review the 2036 Local Plan which is harming our city.

  • Protect our precious green spaces for people and nature.

  • Release land reserved for new business and put housing of Oxford residents first

  • Provide truly affordable homes by re-purposing already developed land and buildings for housing at social rents

  • Put a stop to unsustainable growth

  • Listen to the views of local people

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