Here are some of the things YOU can do to help Oxford

Support this coalition

Here are some of the ways you might like to help by taking action:

  • Sign and share the petitions

  • Take part in and share information on the consultations and campaigns

  • Contact your councillors about these issues

  • Help us with leafleting and/or display our posters

  • Publicise on social media, send letters to the Oxford Mail and Oxford Times and other local newspapers.

  • If you can spare some cash, please consider giving us a donation for our expenses.

  • If you have spare time and want to join our small group please drop us an email.

  • Tell your friends, neighbours, relatives and councillors about this coalition and why you think it is important.

Get in touch

Please send us an email with questions, sugestions or useful information to:

Thank you!

Display our posters

Right-click on an image and choose 'Save image as' to save a copy of this poster onto your computer.

Print a copy and put it on a noticebaord at work or in your front window to show your supportand to
get more people aware and active. Add it to your blog / newsletter / tweets / f-book / tic-toc feed, etc.

Or if you prefer, we can get a poster (or two) to you (and some flyers) - send us an email: