Vote for a change in
Oxford City Council
on Thursday 5th May

List of which councillor OOO suggests voting for
to get a change in Oxford City Council on 5
th May

Working for Political Change: Only One Oxford is working for political change to the status quo of Labour-controlled Oxford City Council. (Labour currently hold 34 out of a total of 48 seats). This year, only half of all the seats (one per ward) are up for election.

OOO suggests that the best chance of acheiving change in the City Council is to vote for the candidate listed in the table below.

Replacing current Labour Councillors: In wards where there is a Labour Councillor up for re-election, OOO has named the candidate who was the runner up in the 2021 election

  • except where the runner up was conservative or independent supporting current Oxford Labour policies, when we have given the next closest candidate *

  • or there is a new independent candidate who we think stands the best chance of winning in this ward

Supporting current Green, Lib Dem or Independent Councillors: In wards where there is a Green, Lib Dem or Independent up for election who supports the issues OOO are campaigning for, please vote for them.

If you are unsure of the name of your ward, visit and enter your postcode.

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